Iwakuni Castle Area in the Fall (2013)

The hike up the hill at Seven Falls was closed due to fallen rocks, so my friend and I used the extra time we gained to check out the fall colors near the Kintai Bridge. [Pictures taken Nov. 16, 2013]


The plant reminds me of Thanksgiving but the architecture screams “Japan,” so I don’t know where that leaves me o.0
Another building between the bridge and the castle. The castle is on top of the hill (we didn’t go up), and the bridge crosses the water a little further behind where I took this picture.


The sun just about disappeared when we got to the grounds behind the bridge. It was a challenge getting good pictures while the sun was hiding…it kept pretending to come out and then hiding behind some kind of haze again. We were walking back to the parking lot and it looked like the sun would come back, and we were like, “Should we go back and…?” “No.”


The light that was cast due to the sun shining through the hazy clouds made the clearing look mysterious…



All in all, the colors weren’t that great, although it was still so crowded that it took us a while to find a parking space (my pictures always make the outdoors places I go look deserted, though). Our defining thought for this part of the day was, “Well, it looks good in the pictures, at least.” The trees that turn bright yellow were the best.

Song of the Day: Song of Time and Song of Storms on violin

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