Lotus Root Pizza

Today, a teacher in the staffroom gave me a small wrapped pizza. It was 2/3 bread, with a thin layer of sauce and cheese, layered on top with…lotus root. For anyone who doesn’t know, renkon looks like this when sliced.


Lotus root, or renkon, is a vegetable commonly found in Japanese stores. It’s not usually found on pizzas, even in Japan. My coworkers were surprised by it, too. It didn’t really taste like anything, but it made the pizza crunchier. Of course, eating a pizza like this isn’t just about the taste–it’s about the experience.


I wonder if they were making the pizza and just ran out of ingredients, and were like, “Hey, we have this renkon, just slice that and put it on instead.”

Speaking of unusual food, someone I know brought an interesting vegetable to school recently. It looked like ginger, and I think people were saying it was some kind of potato or root. We stood and marveled at the vegetable we were seeing for a few minutes. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it was pretty big, and heavy, too.


Apparently you can mince it up and make a sticky dip-like food with it, kind of like natto. Since I was at a loss with how to cook this and was pretty busy last week, my coworker offered to take it home and make the food for me. Later on, this meal would show up in a bag on my desk:

I liked the brown one in the back better.

She included some meat croquette and cabbage with it, and I assume you’re supposed to dip the croquettes into the “dip,” so that’s what I did. I think she did a good job making it, although I couldn’t finish (eating it with croquettes helped). Even though it was sticky like natto (I can’t eat natto >.<), it was much easier to stomach.

Song of the Day: Relient K, “Pressin’ On”

2 thoughts on “Lotus Root Pizza

    1. I looked up Jerusalem Artichokes after I saw your comment, but I really have no idea (haha). From the pictures I saw, it seems like Jerusalem Artichokes aren’t as rounded or “smooth” as what I saw…but who knows.

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