Seven Falls (寂地峡, Jakuchikyo) in the Fall

Fall at Seven Falls! Haha…ha. No falls in this post, just fall :)

[Pictures taken Nov. 16, 2013]

IMG_2756Last weekend, my friend from church and I went to Jakuchikyo or Seven Falls to see the fall leaves (momiji) and hike up the mountain there. I can’t normally make trips like this because I don’t have a car, but my friend drove us. Additionally, the car trip from Iwakuni Station to Jakuchikyo (which is still in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture), took us about an hour and a half to drive. We took the route along the Nishiki River (is there another route?).

This is the river coming from the falls.

The Japanese name “Jakuchikyo” doesn’t mention waterfalls at all, but the English title Seven Falls refers to the waterfalls you can see there. I got pictures of those too, but I mostly just came for the fall colors, so that’s what I spent most of my time taking pictures of. There weren’t that many colors left by where the falls were, anyway.



Beautiful :) That’s why it makes such a big difference if you can go on a day with clear weather. The effect of the sun shining on the leaves makes them look bright and vibrant.

It turns out, due to fallen rocks, the hike was cut short–we saw all the waterfalls, but weren’t able to climb the mountain. This is all just as well, though, because it gave us more time to look at all the colors at the bottom at the end of the trail.


It’s easy to see why tourist areas get so crowded during the fall season.




Since we had a lot of time left over from not hiking up the mountain, we headed to Iwakuni next to see what colors there might be at the Kintai Bridge! Coming up soon.

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