Waki in the evening

The weather has been so beautiful lately that it’s almost painful to be inside during the day.

IMG_2600This picture was taken from the middle of one of the bridges leading from Waki to Otake. I’ve only been on it once before, because I don’t go that way to get to any of my schools, or to get anywhere.

I took the orange bridge first.

I never realized how clear the water is. If you looked down, you couldn’t even tell it was a reflection.


I biked along the river on the Otake side until the bike path ran out, and then came back to Waki via another bridge.

The view on the way back, this time from a different bridge.

Do cosmos ever stop blooming? I’ve been seeing cosmos since late September when I visited Ibaraki, and it’s already mid-November.

Cosmos by the river (Ozegawa) on the Waki side.

There were big, fluffy clouds everywhere!^^



It’s been especially cold this week, but today’s weather was exceptionally pleasant. It’s supposed to stay nice this weekend, and so I’m looking forward to hiking in the mountains in Iwakuni with my friend tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Lindsay Sterling, “Minimal Beat” –> Japan is in it!

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