Rainy Tokyo: 新大久保 Shinokubo (Koreatown)

Between visiting Rikugien and Shinjuku Gyoen, we stopped in Shinokubo (Koreatown) for lunch. I used to come here all the time during study abroad in Tokyo, and actually came here my very first week in Japan with my other Korean pop culture-loving friend to visit all the Kpop goods stores. That was when we discovered the now-extinct Tohoshinki (DBSK) cafe with picture slideshows of them all over the walls…today, however, was not to be a Kpop store day, but a tasty Korean food day!

Walking down the streets of Shinokubo.

Shinokubo is a really fun place to be if you like Kpop. There are Kpop stores all up and down the streets, and Korean food restaurants all over too. There’s usually Kpop playing in the restaurants, too. I didn’t even recognize all the songs O_O I’ve gotten rusty since college…

There’s a Coffee Prince shop on the second floor of the building on the right!

There are so many restaurants that it’s hard to pick one, but we chose one that had free side dishes (unlimited kimchi!) but not many people. My friend sat underneath the JYJ poster. She’s not a big Kpop fan, but she knew from a friend who JYJ were, and that made me happy (haha). (I still like “In Heaven” :D)


The inside was really cool!

They give you big paper bibs to wear, so that you don’t get grease, meat, and kimchi all over you.

We had samgyeopsal, and we definitely got seconds on all the side dishes :D We had sundubu jjigae as well.

I’ve also written about some of the other places in Shinokubo that I’ve visited on my old study abroad blog, Love is Curry. Check it out if you’re interested!

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