Matsuyama Cat Cafe: RonRon

During our time in Matsuyama (Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku), we made sure to visit the cat cafe there.


To get there, we walked down a looooooong shopping street or multiple shopping streets, following my GPS to the cafe. We were coming from the direction of Matsuyama Castle.


You’ll know when you’ve gotten there when you see these signs:

“Welcome to Cat Cafe RonRon!”

This is my third visit to a cat cafe (after Tokyo and Hiroshima), and I think it was probably the most fun out of the three so far. This is because the cats weren’t either sleeping (Hiroshima) or crazy (Tokyo). This page is in Japanese but also has nice pictures of the cafe. There were instrumental versions of Ghibli songs playing in the background when we were there, it wasn’t too crowded, and my friend and I both had a great time. I would highly recommend it.

Before you go into the room where the cats are, the person at the desk will have you wash your hands, and explain the rules and prices to you. After you order a drink, you’re free to sit anywhere and pet any cat that will let you.


Besides the cats, there are lots of other decorations to remind you that you’re in a cat cafe. Since the cafe is on the second floor, you get a view of the shopping street out the window (and from outside, you can sometimes see the cats in the window).


When we visited, they even brought out an employee in a cat suit to take pictures with us! I really don’t know how to do the hand-face pose well.

You will need to order a drink and pay for the amount of time you spend there, and prices are listed on their website: 60 mins and a drink for 900 yen, 100 yen off if you’re a student (I think this would apply to exchange students, as long as you have your ID card). There are some “special courses” too, but I’m not familiar with those. The girl working at the counter spoke pretty good English, and we ended up becoming Facebook friends afterward!

This is a video that someone else took at the cafe. I can see this being some cat-hater’s worst nightmare, haha.

You can also like RonRon on Facebook here, and then see whenever they post pictures of their cats!


双葉屋ビル 2F
1丁目-5−9 Okaido, Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture 790-0004, Japan
+81 89-916-3223
Song of the Day: Hisaishi Joe, “Friends” (piano; from Porco Rosso)

2 thoughts on “Matsuyama Cat Cafe: RonRon

    1. I think that in the U.S. we’d have to make people sign some sort of permission slip first about allergies and injuries you may get playing with the cat…but then again, if we advertised it like a petting zoo, it might work! Haha. I think it only works well in city areas (where people live in apartments and don’t have cats) or tourist areas (where people don’t bring their cats).

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