Fireworks in Waki! (and Otake)

I’d been a little sad because I thought I wouldn’t get to see any fireworks before I left Japan to come home for summer break, but I got the opportunity to tonight! As I found out yesterday or so, Waki has a fireworks show that it shares with Otake!


A friend of mine recently moved to a location along the river nearby, and said I could come watch the fireworks show from in front of her house. I hadn’t realized there was even a fireworks show in Waki^^; I finally spotted the sign today. I think I just didn’t notice it only uses two colors (the poster in the middle). There was a fireworks show in Iwakuni this weekend too, and that was a huge event, so the posters were big, colorful, and obvious.

I don’t remember seeing the purple poster anywhere…^^;; Did you notice the blue and pink posters first, even though the fireworks one is in the middle?

Fireworks in Japan are one of my favorite parts of living here, and also a big reason why I like the summer. People come out with their families, friends, and boy/girlfriends, sit on tarps with their fans, eat yakiniku (grilled meat) and take pictures of the fireworks. Just like in the advertisement, a lot of girls (and guys) come wearing yukatas, too. There’s nothing better you could be doing on a sweltering summer night!


The fireworks were launched over the river between Waki and Otake. They weren’t as big as fireworks in more popular locations, but more than awesome enough considering that the show was a five minute walk to get to.


During the show, they played some J-pop, some traditional-sounding songs (I think), and Taylor Swift, including “We are never ever ever getting back together.” I thought this was so funny, given that couples like to come to these events on dates. It’s alright…I’m sure no one was listening.

The grand finale was awesome! I couldn’t even fit it all in my picture.

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