Waki Hydrangea Garden

I just talked to my grandparents about writing about Iwakuni instead of Waki…but out comes another Waki post. Sorry…Waki’s just a pretty awesome place^^


In a corner of Waki just beyond the City Hall and Board of Education, there’s a little path that runs beside a small vegetable garden and a graveyard, and just before you start to climb the hill, there’s a patch of hydrangeas (called ajisai). I discovered them a week or two ago while on an outing with some students from the elementary school. I regrettably didn’t have my camera on me at the time, although I was able to take the next picture with the other teacher’s phone.

Hydrangeas change color depending on the soil–it was kind of funny seeing so many different colors in the same spot.


It’s pretty crazy how much the scenery here changes based on what’s blooming. I had no idea this was a hydrangea grove, even though I’d been here before. It rained quite a bit during rainy season in June, so some of the other hydrangeas in town that were out in the open looked pretty sad, but I think these hydrangeas were protected by all the trees and stayed nice for my pictures.


Song of the Day: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

7 thoughts on “Waki Hydrangea Garden

  1. Thank you for inspiring me to feed my hydrangea’s the “fertilizer” that will help my pink one’s to bloom in blue. Those you pictured are beautiful!

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