3 More Interesting Things We Found on Shikoku

Beginning with:

1) Strawberry mochi…but wait!


How do you even phrase this? Strawberry mochi? Strawberry in mochi? on mochi? Either way, it was amazing. One was about $2. I ate a lot of mochi on this trip, because there also happened to be soba mochi in Iya Valley, and sakura mochi at the park where I got these (I thought sakura flavor was mostly out of season now…? Not for mochi, I guess.) I bought this at the Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu, Kagawa-ken.

2) Ferris wheels on things. I’m reminded of this skit from Portlandia that my friend showed me, called “Put a bird on it!” “Put a Ferris wheel on it!” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but that didn’t stop Shikoku:


This first Ferris wheel was atop a bookstore in Takamatsu with a sign out front saying “Miwaki Culture Space.” Well, okay…we didn’t get to go up to the Ferris wheel because it had already closed, but we weren’t planning on riding it anyway, just wanted to see it for the novelty. It wouldn’t have been as strange if it was in a crowded, touristy area, but there was nothing else in that area and the area actually seemed a bit old and run down–except for the bookstore with a Ferris wheel on top.

The Ferris wheel below is a different one on a different building, this time seen from the top of hill at Matsuyama Castle (Ehime-ken). I wonder how many more of these are hiding in Shikoku…


3) The…Statue of Liberty? Can’t see it yet?


Look closer…


We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside this art house on Naoshima (Kagawa-ken), but there’s a full Statue of Liberty in there. We stopped to sit down and enjoy it.

Vegas has a Statue of Liberty that I can’t remember if I’ve seen, and I didn’t remember till I looked it up, but there’s actually a Statue of Liberty replica in Odaiba (Tokyo), so it’s not my first time seeing one…but it might be yours! It is, however, my first time seeing a Statue of Liberty inside a house. I’m sure that experience will be valuable someday…

Statue of Liberty in Odaiba, Tokyo.

Also–I wonder how many Statue of Liberties it will take before I see the real one?

3 thoughts on “3 More Interesting Things We Found on Shikoku

  1. Of course I have to ask, is that a baseball stadium off in the distance to the right of the ferris wheel in the first picture???

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