It’s April and all the flowers are blooming!

Once cherry blossom season was over, I’d thought it was time to sit back and wait for autumn,  but actually, there are other flowers now blooming everywhere! I don’t know if I just didn’t notice them before because the sakura were hogging all of the attention, but blooming flowers fill every nook and cranny of every school, workplace, and house right now, it seems. All these pictures were taken in Waki, not in Iwakuni or Hiroshima. They’re all places I either see regularly, or can get to easily on my bike, and these pictures were all taken today!

Flowers in front of the Waki Art Museum.

Flowers blooming in front of the middle school.
Flowers planted in a star shape at the entrance to the middle school.
Flowers planted along one side of the kindergarten.
Even the paper flowers are blooming at the kindergarten!

The next few were taken at “Sakura Park,” in Waki. Sakura Park actually does have sakura trees–I thought it was kind of a funny name for a park, like naming your dog “Dog.” But the sakura trees were in bloom for my parents to see then. Now, other flowers have sprung up as well!

I feel like I’ve never seen so many tulips in so many colors at one time in one place…they’re all over here in Waki O_O




Flowers in front of City Hall. You can see the purple ones from the first picture across the street.

I can’t believe I thought all the excitement was over when the sakura fell. I can’t really compare sakura and this rainbow explosion of other types of flowers, but everywhere I go there’s color and nice scents from the flowers that come to my nose when I’m riding my bike to school or to the supermarket. Now that I think about it, I probably wouldn’t notice as much if I had to commute to work in a car.

Song of the Day: I’m trying to think of a good “spring” song (ie, not just sakura). Do you have a favorite spring song? Or song that makes you “feel like” spring?

4 thoughts on “It’s April and all the flowers are blooming!

  1. Such a beautiful spring! You are taking wonderful pictures, we sure are
    enjoying them, too. Happy you had a nice visit with your parents.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like the pictures! (^_^) It was nice having my parents visit, and I think they had a good time, too. If you see them around and happen to ask about their trip, I’m sure they will have stories to tell! haha.

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