Cherry Blossoms at Iwakuni Kintai Bridge, Late March 2013

These pictures were taken along the river of Iwakuni Kintai Bridge. Mr. N, A member of the BOE, surprised us by asking if we’d like to see the cherry blossoms in the evening. He kept saying it was the best day to see them, and that they were at full bloom. These are the best of the pictures from that very day!

Date: March 29, 2013



That’s not the moon, it’s just a really bright light. Just pointing that out… When you look up, it’s all cherry blossoms and pink!



There were shops set up with food and tables and stuff. It’s only there for cherry blossom-viewing, 花見, because people come just to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Have you heard the “sakura” song? The tone of the song doesn’t match how I feel when I see cherry blossoms at all, but we actually heard it, maybe more than once, haha. If I had to choose a song that feels like cherry blossom viewing to me…it would just end up being Peponi (Paradise) by the Piano Guys, because I kept listening to that during this trip. Haha, maybe that has no musical connection at all. And…I really can’t recommend AKB48 for a number of reasons, but…their version of the song “Sakura no shiori” (song starts around 2:00) seems to fit the season really nicely. Here’s a nice piano version that I found, too. I think that it would be really nice to walk down a long path of sakura trees in the late afternoon listening to this song^^ Maybe the weather is making me this way…

3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms at Iwakuni Kintai Bridge, Late March 2013

    1. HAHA Carcaptor Sakura…it’s been a while.
      I really like the Supercell one! I haven’t actually listened to that whole album yet–just #1, “Owari e Mukau Hajimari no Uta.” Guess I’ve got to get on that!

    2. BTW, I ended up using Cardcaptor Sakura as one of the characters you could be in a speaking activity for the 9th grade classes (middle school). Some students knew who she was, and some didn’t. I didn’t know whether to be more surprised that they knew or they didn’t know, hahaha. It was kind of interesting, though. I might throw in other random anime characters that I like or that are a little older, just to see if people know them. (The other people/characters I ended up using for the activity were: Asada Mao [AKB], Conan, Michael Jackson, Pikachu, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.)

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