Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto, Late March 2013

I don’t think you can ever get sick of cherry blossoms. I’ve noticed that when it comes to travel posts on blogs, I tend to skip over them without taking much notice…but all they have to do is write, “The cherry blossoms at _____ were really great!” and I’ll dive in and look at all their pictures right away. I think cherry blossoms just have that nice quality about them, where you can enjoy seeing them up close, or enjoy seeing the pictures, and the world is a happier place for it!

Dates: March 27-28, 2013

Some cherry blossoms at Hirano Shrine in Kyoto.

We unfortunately had some cloudy weather in Kyoto…it even rained on us, but we made up for it with extremely bright 7-11 umbrellas, and the occasional cherry tree!

Some cherry blossoms in front of a shop we walked past during one of those times that we got lost…

Eastern Kyoto & Kiyomizudera


At certain locations, especially famous areas and temples, sakura/cherry blossoms are lit up at night. It’s called 夜桜 yozakura, night cherry blossoms. I’m very conscious right now of the fact that I used a middle school English class grammar point to form the previous sentence…



Arashiyama (in Western Kyoto)



Hirano Shrine






The closer the trees are to full bloom, the less real they seem. Just like that, it rained here in Waki after my parents left, and the trees lost most of their blossoms the following week. I think most of the trees here are blossom-less now. I took more than enough pictures to preserve them with, though^^

3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto, Late March 2013

  1. Enjoyed reliving our trip there and all of the beautiful blossoms. You really can’t get tired of them – so true!

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