Ume (Plum) Blossoms at Kintaikyo

I had another random Monday off in exchange for attending the middle school graduation ceremony, which was on a Saturday. The weather was perfect, and I couldn’t just sit indoors doing lesson planning or something all day knowing that there was this kind of weather outside. I’ve been told that the Iwakuni Kintaikyo bridge has beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring, and although the cherry blossoms aren’t blooming here yet, I thought I would go scout it out for my parents today (read: make sure I know how to get there on a bus), in case we decide to go there.


There were so many blossoms blooming everywhere! I like the fluffy-looking white and light pink ones the best, because they make it seem like the trees are covered with snow.



Afterwards, when I was wandering around, I went down a path and saw these reeeeally fluffy white ones popping up out of someone’s yard! Wow…


Light pink…




Of course, the pink ones weren’t bad, either^^




Since it was the middle of the day on a Monday, it was pretty quiet. I was looking for the path I went up that time I hiked up the hill to Iwakuni Castle with the kindergarteners, and I couldn’t find it, but instead I found this place behind a shrine that had a small river coming down the mountain. I liked it a lot, and have consequently uploaded it for your viewing pleasure!

I am struck again today by just how beautiful these trees are, and how you have to pay close attention to the seasons and whether the flowers are blooming earlier or later in a given year and plan your trips around that. I feel like, pretty much any food I’ve ever wanted to eat, I can get in a certain season at Costco, even if it’s out of season now. That, or I just never payed attention. (Unless you count those pumpkin spice & peppermint lattes at Starbucks…) But flowers are only gonna bloom when they’re gonna bloom, and there’s a window for “full bloom” that I’ve never really taken the time to think about. Even when, for example, the snow is a little light in winter, there are snow machines that make up for it…but I can’t remember waiting for the “peak” of the seasons in the U.S., really. It’s interesting.

By the way…today marks the second year since the Tohoku Earthquake. If you have time, please remember and pray for the survivors of the earthquake and their families.

Song of the Day: Adam Crawford, “Holy, Holy, Holy”

4 thoughts on “Ume (Plum) Blossoms at Kintaikyo

  1. and thank you for the reminder to pray. The day (a kind of season) would have passed me by. I will note it and pray.

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