Chidori Dining Hikari

After waiting for the last friend to show up on Ume Festival day, we all went to go eat at an Italian restaurant in a place that looked like this:


Haha, what?? I’ve gotten used to Waki-cho, where life sort of operates like normal, and I sometimes forget how random and crazy of a place Japan can be. There was even a bell tower! I felt like I was eating at a restaurant inside a mission–except that the inside didn’t really remind me of anything 0_0


…what is this place?? I don’t know what the music was called that they were playing, but it was like smooth-sounding, chill, almost-what-you-might-hear-in-an-elevator-but-nicer-music. While I was writing that, I thought “Bossa Nova”–I think it was Bossa Nova.

Our little corner.
Our little corner.


I’ve never had a cheap pizza in Japan, and this marguerita pizza was 840 yen for a small, but it for Japan it was a decent size, and it wasn’t crusty! The dough was squishy and nice. (I guess I’m not very picky.)

We ordered pizza and then dessert, and I shared my dessert with one of my English teacher friends…


This may look bigger than it was because I got up close. To give some perspective, that macaroon is like an inch and a half long, the ice cream is in a cup smaller than anything in my house in CA, and that dark chocolate at the back is like the size of a mini Reece’s peanut butter cup. But we still split everything down the middle and shared. HA! This was the special of the day, so the cake in the middle has sweet potato in it. It was so good! The menu just said “sweet potato cake,” and then we got a tiny cake surrounded by extra stuff that we didn’t know was coming, haha–but it tasted great so that’s okay.

Another pair of friends at our table shared the same dessert, and their macaroon was a different color (green), which reminds me…this weekend (Friday) I also went to eat with some teachers from the elementary school at a different Italian restaurant, and they gave every table of four people a plate with four different desserts on it. First we were just going to decide by rock-paper-scissors (haha, さすが elementary school teachers), but there was a cake that I wanted, so we ended up pointing at our favorite dessert on the count of three, and then the two people who pointed at the same dessert did rock-paper-scissors to decide who got it. When we looked over at the table next to us, their four desserts were also different from our four desserts. Afterwords, I heard one of the teachers saying, “If they’re going to do such a good job making such a variety of desserts, they should just let us order individually.” I guess since we’re all grown-ups who know how to decide things with rock-paper-scissors, then we’re okay^^

I got a picture of the place as we were leaving, because I thought the lights were cute. “Chidori Dining.”


Song of the Day #2: David Crowder, “Let Me Feel You Shine”

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