It SNOWED in Waki!

…and stayed there for a bit! I woke up Monday morning with a to-do list on my mind, opened the door, and out of nowhere there was snow on the ground! I was told that it snows in Waki, but it never really piles up–what a wonderful surprise! Everything was covered in white–the middle school yard, all the houses…^^ Everywhere you go, snow~! It was beautiful, even though it was all melted by the afternoon.


When I talked with the elementary school teachers about it today, I was told that the first graders were making little snowmen out of it. Haha! That must have been so cute.

Sometimes, you can see snow on the mountains over the river in Otake. Those two apartment-looking buildings in the back (toward the middle of the picture) are also across the river, and anything behind them is in Otake, which also means you’re looking at Hiroshima Prefecture back there. Isn’t that weird to think about? Haha. Those lines on the right are where the trains run by.

Picture from a couple of weeks ago.

As you can see, it’s pretty cold here, so I’ve been wearing the scarf I recently got in the mail from my cousins~! You can buy disposable heat packs that stick onto your clothes, and I bought a bunch and have been wearing them every day. You can stick them on an undershirt, and there are smaller ones that go into the front of your shoes to keep your toes warm. They supposedly last for 14 hours, and they’re great for work! The classrooms (and also the teacher’s rooms) at the elementary and middle schools aren’t too cold, because the students are always moving around and because there are heaters, but the hallways are freezing. The bicycle ride to school in the morning can be pretty cold too. So, I come prepared!! >:D

The back of the heat pack is adhesive–you peel off the layer on the back like a sticker, and then you can stick it to yourself!

Song of the Day: 10cm, “Tonight, I’m Afraid of the Dark” (오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요)

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