This Week’s CM Reviews

I kept seeing one commercial after another and I couldn’t stop myself…

1. Sagawa Delivery CM. Cute little trucks! (Learn your colors!) My favorite part is from 0:19.

This reminds me of I-Spy~! If this is too cute for you, then skip to the next two please! haha.

2. Aflac Christmas CM. If you’ll notice, the Aflac duck has had quite the personality change since his journey to Japan…I talked about it (with more videos) in a previous post back when I was studying abroad (TV post here).

Christmas with Sakurai Sho! My thoughts on this were, “Oh my gosh, this is so cute, but no one in Japan has a Christmas tree as big (or as real looking) as that one…” And is that a fireplace I see in the background? It sort of reminds me of IU, who also seems to live alone somewhere cold with a duck/goose friend. (The guy in said video isn’t conscious for most of it, so he doesn’t count haha). This CM really captures how I feel around Christmas time, though, so I really like it^^

DoCoMo Translator CM (alternate version here if you can’t see the one below).

I thought this one was interesting~! The English guy doesn’t say much, but then, he isn’t doing something completely weird, and his English isn’t wacked out. (When I say “weird,” I’m thinking of one CM in particular, an ad for an English school called “COCO”: click here. It didn’t really stand out to me until my friend was commenting on how odd it was…and now when I watch it, I laugh every time the main character looks down with a pause and then says “Yes!”)

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