Ceramics Break Time

I caught these! (Most of them.)


On the first of December, when we went to the kiln to go excavate stuff, me and one of the older men who were there went to a fish farm type of place where you pay to fish for an hour. They give you what kind of looks like a ball of dirt, and you take off little bits at a time and put them on a hook. I remember that my dad took us fishing once when I was little, but I don’t think we caught anything, unless you count the crawdads my brothers caught afterwords. (Do you eat crawdads? I can’t remember if they actually did or if they were just kidding…)

We fished in the ponds on the right and the left (you can’t see the water on the right, but it’s there)

It was my first time fishing in a while, and the guy with me (who was like a seasoned pro) showed me how to aim for the places where the current was coming from, and helped me start to get the hang of the timing. About a foot up the line from the bait there’s a little bright-colored plastic ball, and when it moves you have to pull the line up fast or you’ll lose the fish and it’ll eat all your bait. The first time, I was afraid to lose the fish, and so I pulled so hard that the fish went flying over our heads and bounced flopping onto the ground >< I felt kind of bad for that fish later…it was really easy to tell which fish I’d caught first, because most of the fish were swimming around at the bottom of the bucket, while that one was sort of floating upside down…

We caught around 9 fish, and drove back to the kiln area. A guy in his 20’s who came also happens to be studying at a culinary school, and he gutted the fish and prepared them all nicely on the sticks that you see above. We had sweet potatoes, yaki-onigiri, and lots of other tasty things.

Yaki-imo! (Roasted sweet potato)

Also, inside the main house, there was this huge bath! It takes 40 minutes to fill it up water. I hadn’t known there was a bath there, but the pottery sensei had brought me a towel and they let me go first [by myself. I was soft of wondering how that was going to work haha]. My first reaction upon leaving the cold air behind and stepping into the hot water was AHHHHH I’M BURNING ALIVE but I made myself count to one hundred, get out, and repeat a couple a times. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be that hot, but I didn’t want to put cold water in to cool it down if other people were going to get in later and liked it really, really hot. I may never know…


On the way up, the older man in the car next to me and I were showing each other pictures on our cell phones, and he had all of these cute little plants that he puts in little pots. I thought they were so cute, especially when you have like twenty of them lined up in a little row hahaha, and when I expressed interest he was like “I’ll give some to you!” and I received two as a gift. Now comes the challenge of keeping my little plants alive T^T I love them dearly but I rather fear for them. The guy told me to spray them with a sprayer once a day–“shu shu”–so I think I’m going to call them my shu-shu plants. I don’t have a sprayer though, so I’ve been running them under the faucet. I hope that’s okay T^T Please live, little plants!


We took some group pictures afterwords–this is all of us minus one person, who took the pictures:

From left to right (I’m sorry, I can’t remember anyone’s name except for M-sensei): guy who goes to culinary school, man from whom I received my shu-shu plants, M-sensei who invited me to this event, the man who took me fishing and drove me home, me, and the fishing man’s wife, who I made onigiri with!

I was so glad I got to see snow, even though I brought the wrong shoes and my feet were freezing! It’s snowed in Waki since then, but so far the Hiroshima snow has been the most intense.

Song of the Day: Frederic Chopin, “Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2”

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