October 1st, a great day to thank God for EVERYTHING!

I had a whole bunch of things I had to do at once today…

Celebratory oden that I carried home on my FIXED BIKE, YESSSSS.

Last night, I had my first Skype prayer and discussion session with some other Christian JETs, and towards the latter end of it I really started to get antsy and just wanted to get off and deal with all this stuff that I needed to do. And then in the midst of feeling a bit stressed/overwhelmed by it all, I suddenly stopped and said, “Wait, this is stupid. God has always helped me out and made things work when I come before Him and ask for it. He’s been answering prayers since I got here (like, I’d pray something in the morning, forget about it, and then remember again later when God answered), and even before, like when I had especially full days in college. I’m sure if I asked Him He could get it all done in one day…it’s not like He wants me to be wasting a ton of time worrying about this stuff, either.” So I made a big list in my notebook of all the things that were piling up and worrying me; each one individually wasn’t really bad, but compiled all together they felt pretty heavy. I’m going to a Christian JET Fellowship retreat this coming week, and so I felt like time was wearing thin to get bills paid and bike fixed; my bills needed to be paid at different places, but I didn’t have a bike so it’d take longer to get there; I needed to mail something soon, at least before the retreat; I needed to see if the post office bank account PIN number I’d gotten in the mail (I had it mailed because I forgot it-_-;;) would work to let me withdraw money so I didn’t have to worry about withdrawing money if I needed any before and during the retreat, etc etc etc.

I ate my lunch quickly and walked across the street to the Board of Education Office, and started asking where to get my bike fixed, where to pay each bill (and what the receipts meant), etc, and my supervisor ended up driving me to the bank, the post office, and my apartment, waited for me to get my PIN number reset, managed to borrow the smaller Waki truck (there are two Waki trucks, a big one and a small one) to take my bike to Otake to get it fixed (since it wouldn’t fit in his car), and even called the vice principal at the middle school to let him know that I would be late (because all the stuff I had to do ended up being like an hour over my lunch break…I don’t have classes during that time so it didn’t cause any problems as far as I know, but I can’t believe I thought I was going to get all that done on foot in like 45 mins^^;;). AND, he drove me back to Otake after work to pick up my fixed bike. There were lots of other prayers that were answered today, too–besides just feeling rest, I didn’t know what I was going to draw for the Culture Festival (today, the teacher in charge gave me a nice suggestion); I was wondering how I was going to prepare a special Halloween presentation for the elementary school next week, but because I didn’t have any classes today for some reason, I spent most of my time (4 class periods) in the office preparing activities and a powerpoint for next week (It’s a 3-day weekend, but I’m at the retreat for most of that, etc…). I had a friend answer a message I sent and it was encouraging to hear back. I feel so relaxed right now.

The short version of all of this is, God answered all my requests in one go in under 2-3 hours, and I feel so much relief right now ^_____________^ Thank You, Jesus.

Along the way, I had some adventures and fun discoveries. The bank I use has a free blood pressure checker! You stick your arm in and it tells you your blood pressure. Handy.

These are the two Waki trucks–the small one that we used is in front, and the larger one is in back. Maybe it doesn’t look that small in the picture, but trust me, it is. There’s room for two people in the front, and it’s a stick shift (are all trucks like that?). My supervisor put my bike in the back and we drove it to Otake. It’s a pretty old truck, and it was a pretty rickety/bumpy drive, to the point where I wasn’t paying attention once and it jerked and I bumped the back of my head on the head of the seat, haha. My supervisor was commenting on how embarrassing it was to drive, but then I said well, do you know that many people in Otake? And he said no…but then I pointed out that since I’m a foreigner AND we’re in this truck, we kind of stand out and people will remember him, haha. It was pretty funny. I also learned that it’s possible to buy cars like VMWs in Japan, where the steering wheel is on the left just like in an American car. Interesting.

So, sometimes it really is that simple. It can be overwhelming with lots of things going on and lots of chores to do, but it doesn’t have to be. All I really had to do was ask, and God answered, and now I can focus more on things that are more important, like spending time with God without being distracted by all that stuff, as well as getting to know my coworkers and getting better at teaching. Ahhhh thank You!!^^

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