Apartment: My kitchen and front entrance!

As promised, here is Part 2 of the Stephanie’s Apartment Series! It’s getting late, but I’m realizing that I have to write these things down before the ideas grow stale in my head and I throw them away…

It’s amazing how such a small kitchen and storage area took me so long to get clean for this picture >< but anyway, here we go!

Here in the first picture above, you can see my green magnetic chopsticks holder (on the left). At least, I think that’s what it’s for. If you put too much heavy stuff in it (like my forks and spoons), then it falls over, even though the magnet is pretty strong. I’ve knocked it over a few times when I wasn’t being careful, but this is still the most convenient/least likely to be knocked over place that I can find, so there it will stay.

The nozzle of the faucet has a big oval-shaped filter attached to it. You can turn the silver handle on the right, horizontal or vertical, which determines whether you are using a) spraying filtered water, b) spraying unfiltered tap water, or c) non-spraying unfiltered tap water (like a single stream of water). In the sink drain, there’s a plastic thing that goes down inside it and catches larger bits of food so it doesn’t go down the drain. You can buy little nets to stick inside the plastic food-catcher thing, so that you don’t have to clean goop out of it later. I keep the little nets in a single small cupboard that’s to the top right of my little kitchen arrangement:

I bought a bag of bigger nets (right) too, because I had another small plastic container that could be put in the corner of your sink, and you can throw vegetable peelings and such in it while you cook–however, my sink is kind of small and it takes up too much space, so for now, I just stuck it under the sink. I used to put my trash bins under the sink, too, but one time the bag broke, something spilled out, and a bunch of little bugs were flying around in there everywhere. It was gross >< I’m finally now killing off the last of them, but I’m not planning on letting that happen again!! >< Here’s where I *used* to keep the combustibles/plastics trash cans:

Those plastic bags on the wall in the back (left-ish, by the door) hold my receipts for September and August, respectively. There’s also a little opening on the door for the mail.

This is the view coming out of my room and looking toward the front door. My “kitchen,” or the place where I cook stuff, is on the right in the picture above (with the light that looks white not yellow). If you turn right at the refrigerator, you’ll be facing the area where my washing machine (straight), bathroom (left), and shower (right) are–but I’ll save that for another post. See how clean it is?^^ It’s never this clean^^;

There’s a calendar on the wall (upper left). This is a trash calendar telling you what kinds of trash are picked up on which days. It looks like this for August and September. In the back, there are pages detailing which types of trash constitute “combustibles” or “plastics,” etc.

Zoom in, and you can see the genkan, which is the entryway where you take off your shoes before entering. I piled up a couple of boxes that Emily left here to make a two-story shoe rack, haha.

On the right is a tall cupboard. I lined most of the shelves with a squishy liner material I found at Daiso. I was originally just going to use it for food, but now I’ve started to use it for my hair dryer and some more of my shoes, too.

Here’s facing the opposite direction–coming in from the front door, facing my room (hey, my trash cans made it back in! haha):

My microwave sits on top of my fridge. (I feel like I could use this entry to start teaching prepositions…) Those little white things are magnets that I bought at Daiso but haven’t really used yet.

Here’s some of the inside of my fridge! I’ll leave it to you to guess what’s inside…

My microwave! It’s got a list there at the top of different types of foods/vegetables and how long you should microwave them for:

As you can kind of see at the top, due to limited space I put some dish towels on top of my microwave and started drying my dishes there, haha. But since I’m still not in the habit of doing the dishes right away after I eat, I tend to run out of space on top of the microwave anyway, and started setting them on top of the squishy stuff I also have lining those shelves up above…also, there’s a drying rack up there. I bought it and had it sitting on top of the microwave, but my cups are a little big for it so lately, I’ve just been doing without it.

And to celebrate my kitchen being clean, I went out and bought oden, a wonderful food that requires minimal preparation or cleaning afterwords. Good choice^^ The first couple of times I bought it, I just boiled it in water, which tasted kind of bland–so this time, I found this box of mix near all the bags of oden that said “Deliciousness flavorfully UP!” (better translation…?) which sounded good to me, and OH MY GOODNESS it tasted SO good. They weren’t kidding. Maybe I’ll keep eating this for a while.

While writing this post, it has passed from September into October here. It’s not going to be October in the US for another 14.5 hours or so, but happy October!!^^

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