Cafe: 森

I think Waki has pretty much one cafe, and, since I had a day off, I went there! It was pretty close to where I live, as it is with all things in Waki (haha). I have a friend here now who said she’d like to go and visit cafes with me, but Thursday is a weird day to ask people to hang out during a normal work week, and it’d be kind of weird to ask her to drive here and pick me up and park there when I could just walk there…

It was a really bright day today, so I kept having lens flares in my pictures…I’ll have to figure out what to do about that, because I still don’t get how the modes on my camera work exactly so I just keep using auto^^;

I always choose unusual times to go to these cafes (late Saturday afternoon, around 10:00am on a Thursday), so there were only two other customers there, a couple of older guys. This cafe is smoker-friendly, I think, because all the tables had what I think is an ashtray (it was clean and there was nothing in the one on my table so I just think I’m right). It kind of smelled like smoke in there, too. The music was (I think) like 80’s Japanese hits or something. 森 (“mori”) means “forest” (see all the little trees?^^), and I can only guess that that name refers to the wooden architecture inside and the wooden “feel” of the place. I also think the lady there might’ve been a little shy of me, because when I went in and asked if I could sit down (she was behind the counter where dishes are washed, not at the front desk), she said yes and then didn’t really say anything the rest of the time I was there, even when bringing the food I ordered^^; I used Japanese and everything, but I wonder if she was nervous anyway^^; Well, this shop probably doesn’t get a lot of non-Japanese people, and when I left and said thank you she thanked me normally too, so there you have it. She seemed nice, though!

The menu was mainly in katakana, which I guess is pretty common for cafes, but still made it easy to order. I ordered the “pizza toast set,” which I thought would be a tiny pizza, a slice of toast, and a drink. Then, when my order came, I found out that the pizza WAS the toast, haha. If you’ll notice, there is a piece of meat/sausage per quarter slice of bread. さすが日本。 Your toast pizza is symmetrical…

It also came with ice cream, coffee and cream. This whole thing cost ¥650. (By the way, inside that white plastic thing on the top right is a wet towel for you to wipe your hands with. Those are common in Japanese restaurants.) I’m not sure if it’s just because I was really hungry by then, but the toast pizza/pizza toast tasted good!^^ I was a little unsure of whether I wanted to drink coffee, since I keep buying cheap lattes at 7-11 and from vending machines to keep me awake during the week; this is my day off and I wanted to spend it relaxed, not wired^^;; But it turned out that I would need that coffee for the latter part of my day…in any case, this cafe was good, but I don’t really like cigarette smoke so while I’m willing to come back, I’m not anticipating it–but we’ll see.

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