My bathroom!

Were you curious? I cleaned the toilet bowl just to be able to take the second picture–feel special. I meant to write just one post with a tour of my apartment, but I don’t know when I’m ever going to have the entire place so clean that I can do it all at once, so…baby steps. I’ll just introduce one room at a time, giving you the impression that my apartment is immaculate^^;

My bathroom is smaller than my closet back home in CA, haha. The reason, though, is that the only thing in the bathroom is the toilet.

There are two categories of toilets in Japan–Western-style and Japanese-style. The Japanese-style toilets are like a porcelain hole in the ground–I have never learned to use one of these, and I have no plans to. I think these were the kinds of toilets they had at train stations in Tokyo, so I never used them. The second kind, Western-style, can be divided into two groups: complicated and simple. The complicated ones have tons of buttons with all these options like warming your seat or spraying your rear with water. I’m a modest toilet user who just wants to come and go simply, so the biggest challenge for me for that kind is finding the “flush” button.

My toilet is the best kind, though–simple. I have two options: “lots of water flush” and “less water flush.” Even though my toilet is so super simple, though, I still didn’t know that it had a third function until I visited the M’s house, where there wasn’t a sink and I didn’t know how to wash my hands. I asked for help, and she told me to use the water that runs in a stream in that little bowl above the toilet. This surprised me a lot, because even though I’d seen that water (you can see it in both these pictures), I’d barely even wondered about it. There’s water that runs in the back part of the toilets we have at home in CA as well (you can see it if you pick up the lid on the top of the back part–not the toilet seat), but you can’t wash your hands in it. This explains why there’s a ring for a towel right there next to the toilet sink as well–although, as you can see, I haven’t used it yet. That’s right! I just ignored it, haha. When I wanted to wash my hands, I just opened the door and crossed over to the shower on the other side, where there’s an “obvious” sink. But, even now that I know how to use it, I still can’t bring myself to wash my hands there yet–it just “feels” to me like I’m washing my hands in/with a toilet, sort of (haha). Maybe I’ll get over it eventually–at my friend’s houses, I won’t have a choice but to use it the way it’s intended, anyway.

Also, I don’t know if you can really tell, but my toilet paper is pink! I don’t know what it is about Japan that suddenly makes me buy pink cell phone cases and pink toilet paper and frilly planners, but I’m happy with it. Going to the bathroom is a lot more fun with colored toilet paper, try it sometime!

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