“morino nakade nonbiri Relax.”

I wanted to buy a pencil case because I’ve just been stuffing all my pens and highlighters into my backpack and purse wherever and then not being able to find then when I need them…but then when I went to the Store Of Cute Things (I forgot the name), it took me SO long to look through every single pencil case and decide on just one. They had Snoopy, Rilakkuma, Smurfs, Hello Kitty, and lots more.

The romaji-Japanese says “Relax at leisure in the forest.” And yes, that is a bear in a squirrel outfit.

I doubt I’m ever going to pay attention to the inside again, but the designers went to the trouble to make this pencil case cute inside and out. Haha, I’m going to be so sad once the inside starts to get dirty…

SO much shopping today…but it was all for stuff I needed, like indoor shoes for church, more pens, a yearly planner, etc. As we went along, I just kept seeing things that it’d be useful to have, and kept going^^; I’ve been trying to set lots of new goals lately, because the goals I had were accomplished a lot faster than I thought they’d be (try doing calligraphy, start making friends in Waki, etc), and I didn’t realize it at the time, but the planner I bought is specifically geared towards setting new goals and accomplishing them! Great!

Picking out a planner took forever, too…toooooo many choices^^;;

Below is the “preview page” that you could look at in the store. You can write down your “Resolutions of the Month” and “Reflections of the Month.” I think it’s a really good idea. There’s space for birthdays, to-dos, and shopping lists! It also has a page of “Resolutions for the year,” and its suggestions (on another page) are: “fashion/style, body line, love, family, personality, savings, work/school, study/capabilities, eating habits, health, interests, and daily routine.”

If you read this far and you want to, please comment or send me a message and let me know what kinds of goals you’ve been setting for yourself! I’m curious!

The planner also includes a “planning map”! I wonder what I should use it to plan…

I also wanted to show you the inside of the shoes store where I was buying indoor sports shoes…

This is not a shoe store, it is a SHOESTORE hahaha. You can’t see it from this picture, but the walls on the right are lined top-to-bottom with shoes just like the far back wall in this picture, and there are tall aisles in between with more shoes. This store is called 「シューズ愛ランド」, “Shoes Ai-land,” which sounds like “Shoes Island” but is a pun spelled “Shoes Love-land.” There’s a huge sign outside that just says 「靴」 (“Shoes”) in red, and the outside of the store was all white and red and not very subtle at all, and it made me laugh. I started to look for another pair of shoes, like slip-ons or something, but we just stopped because there were shoes everywhere and we couldn’t remember where we’d seen what. The whole store is shoes, so there’s no way to keep your bearing, haha.

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