Cafe: パスポート (Passport)

Recently, the friends I go to church in Hiroshima with introduced me to someone else that Emily was friends with, R-san, and since I wanted to purchase some sports pants for the upcoming sports days that look more like what the students and teachers were wearing, she was SUPER nice and picked me up from my apartment today and drove me places to get things! It started out as a modest, “I just need a couple pairs of pants and maybe some shoes to use indoors at the gym,” but she kept asking if there was anything else I needed, and I was like “Well…” and the trip extended from there. We left at 10:00 am and I think I got back around 4:30pm^^; Thank you so much, R-san!! Since the trip ran though lunch, we stopped at a cafe along the way to eat.

This picture was taken from a window without a spider outside, haha–it was like right in the middle of the other window and blocking the view, so we switched tables right away.

I’ve been asking people to recommend cafes to me so that I can visit them in my time off, and Sachiko-san (church family)  had recommended this cafe called “Passport.” Neither of us had been there, so since we were close today, we decided to go visit! It had regular food in addition to just coffee and snacks, the prices were low and there was a lot of food! R-san couldn’t even finish hers.

This cafe is slightly old, and actually, when I saw it from the side I couldn’t believe it was a cafe. However, it was a nice place to stop and it wasn’t crowded.

I ordered katsu curry, and since I finished relatively fast, they took my tea and brought me a new cup of tea for free, and I don’t know what it was but it was good! (If you were wondering, curry is eaten with a spoon–otherwise, it’d be like trying to eat clam chowder with chopsticks…)

R-san ordered the ハンバーグ定食セット for ¥600. There was so much food! My curry was good and everything, but I think I’m going to order what she did next time^^

I was going to try and steer clear of excessive food posts, but cafes don’t count, haha. This blog is a good way for me to keep track of them with pictures.

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