It’s not the ugly word that I thought it was once upon a time. It’s actually quite nice, and I think it’s probably healthier, too.

This time, I forwent the potatoes in my curry and stuck with carrots. Then I threw a bunch of kimchi in, hoping the curry would overpower it because it tasted a little off from what I’m used to. I’m not going to throw the kimchi away!! もったいない!

Every day I try to get to bed by 11:00 (already breaking that, but at LEAST before midnight).

I check my bike for spiders every morning and afternoon, and keep my umbrella on me rain or shine so I can de-spider my bike if I find one.

I am happy if I can lock my door with the card key on the first try, although my rate of success is rising.

I practice kanji at work and prepare my self-introduction some more.

I take a picture of my bento box every day at lunch because it’s so awesome and always slightly different.

I make a simple dinner (or cheat by going to 7-11) and watch a tv program that’s always really random and interesting. (Tonight, a guy from a variety program went to New York; apparently there’s a band of superheroes who go out wearing superhero suits and doing good deeds around Times Square in NY, such as picking up trash or distributing food to homeless people. When the superheroes meet up, it’s always in a different location. One of the hosts on the show joined in.)

And I’ve started choosing different paths to and from places in order to avoid traffic lights and waiting to cross the street.

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