Summer Views of Waki & Otake

I go on these wandering bike rides and take lots of pictures! I’ll probably have to go do it again for all the other seasons, when the tree colors change. I heard that it’s really nice here in fall!^^ The next few pictures are taken from the Otake (大竹) side of the river.

If you look at this picture right, it kind of looks like the bottom of the earth starts from the bottom of the sky:

The neighborhoods are really quiet; it was a little cooler than usual, and people were out jogging, walking their dogs, etc.

The sun really was that bright. I’m proud of my camera, because it had to figure out what to do with all that light while I was trying to block the sun with one hand and take the picture with the other:

These are evening pics from Friday night; the train is really close to my apartment, so maybe I can get a video sometime, too! (Taken from Waki side)

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