Lunch & Dinner

Lunch has been pretty amazing lately…

This is half an okonomiyaki (my favorite Japanese food, probably), my first time having it with udon noodles. Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki has soba or udon noodles in it, while Osaka-style has just the usual cabbage, meat, etc. I still like the Osaka one the most, but I’m really starting to like the soba one.

Like I said, we order it in the morning and then it gets delivered before lunch! I’ve been eating in the office with everyone and watching NHK. This next one was today’s! Tonkatsu! I don’t know if it looks big or small to you in this picture, but by the time I’m done eating all this I’m pretty full. We have hot tea, too!

While I eat, I watch other people on tv eat! This is no joke–food is a BIG, BIG part of Japanese tv! By the way, if you don’t recognize him, this is Sato Takeru! He’ll be playing Kenshin in the new Rurouni Kenshin movie that comes out here on the 25th!^^

For dinner so far, I’ve been having green tea soba noodles, or curry! The curry’s got carrots and potatoes in it. Example:

Lunch is going to change again once I’m eating with the students, but for now, this is about how it’s going! I’ve been skipping breakfast lately because I want to sleep as much as I can haha, but I’m hoping to eventually change that. I tried buying onigiri at the combini to eat instead, but that doesn’t really cut it so I need to think of something else.

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