Kind people, Otake edition

This week, I was trying to get myself to a store in Otake (next town over), and even though my coworker had recommended that I take the train and then the bus because it might take a while by bike, I still tried to bike there after work while hoping I wouldn’t have to find my way back in the dark^^; I was doing pretty good, too, until I got to the place where Google Maps tells you to cross the bridge (there’s only walking and car directions, no “bicycle” directions), and there was no place for bikes to cross.

So, I asked an older man watering plants by the side of the road if there was a way I could cross, and he led me to a place where bikes and pedestrians can cross under the bridge…but upon asking and hearing that I was trying to get to the Nishimura Joy supplies store, he insisted on helping–he asked his wife and she drove me to the store, and not only that, she helped me find the things that I was looking for in the store, and took me to Daiso for the rest of it as well. She did buy one thing at Daiso, but the trip was mainly for me. We got back in time for me to bike back home before it got all the way dark. (She actually offered to drive me back, too, because my bags were kind of big–I almost gave in when the bags were hard to balance, but we got them to fit in the basket and I’m glad I insisted!)

I was just totally blown away by their kindness. I have his wife’s business card, so when I get my phone and everything I want to keep in touch! I’m so happy to have made a friend in Otake! Now I have friends bordering both sides of my town! (<–more on that later). I really don’t know how to repay something like that, so for now, I’m just going to be thankful and keep it in mind till I come up with something.

All this stuff fit in the basket of my bicycle, and I was STILL able to see over it and bike home! Good thing.

2 thoughts on “Kind people, Otake edition

  1. Good luck and much happiness in your new home away from home! You make everything so real, I feel that we are there with you, we are in spirit for sure. You are in our thoughts and prayers always! Ann & Grandpa Chris

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