A Special Afternoon

There’s one more thing about my little trip up to Hachigamine that made it a really nice experience but wasn’t really part of the touristy tone of my last post. I sat down for a bit under the overhanging in the middle of the rose garden, looking out toward the white bell out in front, and I started to sing,

“I am yours, I am yours, all my days, Jesus I am Yours.”

That’s when I realized that I was sitting on one side of a bench where probably the bride and groom would stand, since weddings are held here, and I was so happy right then because I’d literally just prayed this morning that I’d be able to experience His love more and stay in that place of loving Him and being loved by Him instead of focusing on other things more^^ Today was a good reminder of that.

Jeremy Riddle, “I am Yours”

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