A day at the office

It’s not what you might think!


…aaaaand, it’s not like this video, either. The song is by Kanjani8 and the title is “Irresponsible Hero.” Haha, I’d kinda forgotten how ridiculous that video is >w< If I had to be in a music video, I would totally choose this one^^

Every morning, I need to be at the office by 8:30am. Walking takes around 15-20 mins (I think), and if I bike there it takes 10-13 or something like that. I work at the Board of Education office with the other 9 employees there. For various reasons, it’s usually the case that not every person is there–especially because it’s Obon right now and people are taking time off. Today, there were about 5-6 people.

I’ve been trying to get there a little early to get in the habit of doing that, and also because the work day starts exactly on time every day so there’s really no way you can be late, period. A bell rings in the morning (it sounds like the bell that used to signal recess for us in elementary school, same tone and everything), and we stand, bow together, and sit back down (起立、礼、着席). Then, the office leader/controller introduces what will be done for the day and asks people one by one if they have anything going on today and what is it. I get asked too, and I say 「ありません」 (nothing) like most of my other coworkers. Maybe tomorrow I’ll upgrade to 「得にありません」 (nothing much). Hahaha. Honestly, though, I found this pretty funny at first, because it’s so formal and it’s done every day, but it’s so different from, like, my mom or dad’s workplaces. I had the same reaction to students announcing lunch and what the next class will be before it starts. I’m getting used to it, though.

After that, I study Japanese, work on self-introduction powerpoint slides, etc, until lunch. Classical music starts playing as soon as the bell is done ringing in the morning, and continues through lunch all the way until (I’m assuming) people leave. I leave a little bit earlier than everyone else, around 4:30pm most days, and it’s still going when I leave.

As soon as the bell rings again around 12:30pm, it’s lunch until 1:20pm. I order lunch from a menu that consists of a bunch of menus scanned one by one into a PDF file on each of our computers, and when I’ve chosen what I want I tell whoever is in charge of lunch that day and they order it over the phone. When the bell rings, some of the slatted curtains get lowered/raised and the tv gets turned on to NHK. It starts with news of the Olympics, then moves on to a kids’ game show and then a drama called 梅ちゃん先生。It gets me every day how perfect the timing is, because at EXACTLY the time this drama ends and the next thing is about to start, the bell for work rings O______________O Every day. Oh yeah, and the classical music is kept playing in the background even during lunch, along with the tv, but this works somehow.

Then I’m in the office till 4:30 and go home!

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