Miyajima Fireworks

Yup, that’s right! I went to see fireworks today with some of the other JETs–this time at Miyajima!^^ This one came complete with a background music and a story! I don’t know if anyone was really listening to the story or not, but they’d put the story track on between the fireworks shows, so I assume it was to give the boats time to load up! (videos under the cut)

You get to Miyajima by taking a ferry over an expanse of water that looks like this:

Before the fireworks start, though…you’ve gotta eat!! Oh, wonderful meat…I don’t know what it was but it was salted. I can tell that food budgeting is going to be a problem…

The main attraction of these fireworks is kinda supposed to be that you get to see the fireworks reflected on the water, but it’s really hard to get a seat that close. A couple JETs who’ve done this before and know how it works went as early as 1:00pm to just sit there and stake out our spot (haha, thanks guys)–I didn’t get to Miyajima-guchi station until 4, and I got to the island around 5. There are people who went even earlier than that to get even better spots, it seems. But after the second set of fireworks or so, people were already starting to leave. You can see in the video that there’s a perpetual moving line of people in front of us. They weren’t just going to try and find a “better spot,” and they weren’t new arrivals–they’re all heading for the ferries. Our theory was that either they want to see the fireworks over the river, and the ferry is the best way to do that, OR the anticipation was their favorite part and once the show started, it wasn’t fun anymore (hahaha).

The sun begins to set over the torii gate…

On to the show! I wasn’t really paying attention to the story/theme…take your best guess:

1. (0:31)

2. (4:56)

3. (0:58) By this time, there’s so much smoke that it was blowing toward us hahaha

Also, like every single person was taping this thing or taking pictures of the fireworks with their cameras pretty much the whole time. I’m wondering how many of us were looking directly at the fireworks instead of their cameras–I know that for me, I need to keep checking my camera even if I’m taking a video, because I want to make sure the fireworks are all fitting into the viewfinder. But anyway, that’s why I find this picture so hilarious:

Even though the anticipation-only crowd was fairly sizable, we were still in a teensy bit of a crowd trying to get on the fairy and to our train. This is the view looking backward, although the view from the front is pretty crazy too. If you get claustrophobic…don’t go anywhere popular on a weekend in Japan.

Front view, towards the ferry. Can you spot the gaijin???

The End.


Song of the Day – Jay Chou, “Chrysanthemum Flower Bed (菊花台)” (language=Chinese)

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