Mind Your Grapes and Watermelons

(entry from 3 Aug 2012, Fri)

Today I went out for okonomiyaki (again haha) with a couple friends, and we ended talking about the skins of fruits. I was saying how, when I was eating with my Japanese friends (in the US), I ate the red part of my watermelon away until you could only see the white part, and my Japanese friends looked at that and were like “Weird, what are you doing?” I was surprised, because I thought that “mottainai seishin” or not wanting to waste anything would make people eat as much of everything as they could, or something, but my friends all thought it was normal to leave a layer of red on the watermelon.

That may seem trivial…but one of my friends said she went to a friend’s house here where she was given grapes to eat, and she just popped them into her mouth without thinking about it and everyone reacted to that. Apparently, you’re supposed to get the skins off the grapes first? I really want to go find some grapes now and eat them with people to see if this is true.

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